Full scope design

Full scope new construction design management  You just selected a general contractor to build your dream home and you don't have a designer on board yet to help coordinate all final elements of the project? Pump the breaks – let’s do this right and get the band together ASAP.

Full scope existing construction renovation design management  You've debated about gutting or revamping your first floor for the past five years? I’ve been there – time to kick start the project and bring in MMDH to work through the process with you.

Room-by-room furniture selections  You need a few rooms or a full house of new furnishings to meet your Pinterest-worthy goals? I'm here for you!



staging + Styling

Finalizing your home  This should be the last phase of any home refresh or renovation project, and is included in my full scope proposals. It is amazing to me how many people stop short when they reach the most impactful step of the process.

I look forward to working with you through the nitty gritty details of it all… down to your coaster selection!




Up to 4 hours spent together These design sessions are intended for you to pick my brain on any and all design questions you have for your home… for example:

Room-by-room finish selections  Need paint color suggestions throughout your entire home or just a room? Renovating and have all of your finishes pulled, but you need one more set of eyes on your palette? I'm your lady!

Refresh tips  You know it is time for an update in your house, but you are just not sure what changes will make the most impact for the investment? Let me take a walk through and get your priority list in order, and prepare some rough budget numbers for you while we meet.


Let's Get Started.