MMDH: Tips for Layering it Up

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It's no secret that I love lots of layers, both in my interiors and my wardrobe.  I am not sure if this comes from a childhood of growing up with shelves and shelves of my parent's antique collections surrounding me, or from living life now with a minimalist husband who needs to understand why something is useful in order to be in our house... the more I layer things into useful settings, the more I get to hang on to around here.  LOL.  Hard to say the source of this style, but layering just makes sense and gives me definite comfort.  


There are ways of layering interiors and wardrobes tastefully, without feeling like you are surrounding yourself with clutter.  Part of this is to start a collection and build upon it regularly with things that you gravitate towards (stay tuned for tips on building a collection in future posts, as that is a task in itself).  Once you have a collection of items that you LOVE surrounding you, it is just a matter of placing things together that make you feel good.  Throw pillows, throw blankets, books, coasters (yes, coasters) are ALL great layering accessories in your home.  Mix and match colors that may be unexpected, but for some reason feel right to you.  Add in different textural objects to create interest - this could be in the form of rocks on a coffee table or a statement necklace added to an outfit.  In my eyes, the more you layer a space up, the more established it feels.  I want my house to feel like a home that has been collected over time, and that nearly every piece in it has a story behind it.  


For your wardrobe, I find that a chambray shirt is the best layering 'accessory' - shout out to my childhood friend, Ashely, for tuning me into this trend four years ago. I had just had Finn and was feeling less put together than ever with my wardrobe.  My life changed when I bought my first chambray...LOL, six various collared chambrays later, I'm really serious about this declaration.  I've mentioned before that I have a hard time getting dressed without a collared shirt... it makes me feel a tad unfinished to have a naked neck.  I always pop my collar, as I am inherently freezing and a bit of neck coverage does my body temperature good.  I also feel like it frames my face better by bringing more color up to my chin.  This all might sound crazy, but it is so true!  People sometimes give me a hard time about my denim on denim and my popped collar.  I never really related it back to 80s-era popped collar Polo shirts, but I suppose that is what it could look like to people.  


Either way, I don't see this style trend of mine changing anytime soon, as it has become a staple for any colorful, black, navy, olive based ensemble and ALWAYS feels like the right add.  My three year old, Maizie, now has four of her own collared chambray shirts that are on rotation for weekend outings.  So good! 

Grab yourself a collared chambray shirt today, and you can thank me (and Ashley) later!


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