MMDH: Quick Tip for Repurposing Old Canvases

Photo by  Meghan Leigh Photography

I get a lot of comments on my gallery wall and artwork posts... my favorite artwork to use around the house is the artwork my kids whip up.
I just met with a client yesterday who purchased a large printed canvas years ago, and she hates to get rid of it even though she doesn’t love it anymore. My suggestion was to give her kids an acrylic paint palette of all of her favorite colors + white for mixing, and let them have at it over the printed artwork.
The abstract artwork that young kids can create when you let them have free reign on large canvas is incredible! When I get too involved or give too many rules, it goes bad. The only key is to call ‘brushes up!’ before any colors get too muddy.
Here’s to repurposing those large, dated, printed canvases and celebrating your kids’ stress-free creativity!


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