MMDH: High Point Spring 2018 - First Timer Review


I headed down to High Point, North Carolina over the weekend for my first-ever residential furniture market experience. It was one for the books, and I can’t wait to share all about it! Hopefully, you were following along on my Instagram stories for the real-time play-by-play, but if not, you can check out my saved stories for a full pictorial recap. Hold on tight for this one, as there are so many deets to share, for all of you designers and design lovers out there.  


First things first, I had nearly zero time to prepare for this market. If you recall, I had even taken a breather from my daily Instagram posts over the last two weeks -   things have been busy and exciting over here with MMDH projects! Knowing designers prep for months to make it to specific showrooms among the endless buildings, I knew I should go in with some sort of game plan. I used the “my market” app to pin point all of the must see showrooms, and mapped it all out when we arrived Friday night. I met two of my designer friends from Knoxville for the weekend, which made the whole experience much less daunting. 


There were previews for big-time designers on Friday [which I can only hope to be in the category of someday], and the show was open to the general trade on Saturday through Wednesday. There were seminars and events a-plenty, although I only attended one!  It was a social media panel that included Lori Paranjape out of Nashville, and a few other social media gurus in the design business. It was so fun to see @MrsParajape in real life at this seminar, along with all of the other big name designers just strolling around the showrooms over the course of two days.  I mean, Caitlin Wilson was doing her buying with her new babe along for the ride kangaroo style; I passed Jeff Lewis and Jenny in an empty hall outside their Adler & Tweed showroom, having a Flipping Out moment without the cameras; and then there was Jean Stoffer and Grace Start seeing new product as I was seeing it. This was all so eye opening. These people I look up to in the industry, are just other people, doing their jobs and making it happen. 


It was pretty incredible to see all of this action AND randomly run into design friends along the way! This market is literally made up of an entire town dedicated to the residential furniture industry. The streets are lined with showrooms for miles. The alleys are lined with open-door warehouses. The old factories are transformed into vendor stomping grounds, antique dealers, and sample sales. It is a residential design mecca surrounding a campus of two main buildings and a bus terminal. 


There are up and coming vendors, and veteran vendors, just like designers across the board. I was among my people. Everyone was welcoming, and every space was chalk full of inspiration. 

For as massive as this market/town is, we saw A LOT in two days!  Here are a few highlights that are achievable in your own home any day of the week! 

  1. Books - there were books styled in every showroom, but beyond your typical book styling, we saw incredible custom artwork made of books.
  2. Bold patterns - I mean, we’ve all seen bold patterns, but even more conservative lines were doused with leopard prints and chinoiserie. 
  3. Massive light fixtures - again, nothing earth shattering, but nearly every showroom had large-scaled fixtures grounding their coffee tables. 
  4. Large art - the bigger, the better... much of it at reachable budgets. 
  5. Hides - everywhere... in every variation under the sun.

Feel free to comment or reach out via email with any source questions!!