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Since I am extremely new to the blogging world, I thought I would throw a crowd pleasing before and after post out there for all of you.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to officially be writing this blog from the home office of my own interior design business.  I have taken some major leaps in the past 6 months, and starting Melissa Mahoney Design House (MMDH) out of my home was one of them. 


I am going to take you back to the glory that this home office was before my husband and I took over this house 5 years ago.  We purchased our 1950's center-stair colonial from a widowed man in his 80s who had raised his family here for the previous 40 years.  Everything we asked him about had been updated within the past 5 to 10 years, as far as he recollected.  Although, there were items he put in that time frame that were actually tagged as being installed the year I was born... here's praying that I leave this place in my 80s with the same recollection! 


The dining room, at the time, had beautiful 80s-era custom drapes and dainty floral wallpaper that were not quite going to fit with our vision for the home.  The chandelier was full fledge scrolling brass, which at the time, even the finish was hard for us to take in.  

Fast forward through a few months of super supportive family members peeling off wallpaper throughout the house, floor refinishers giving the hardwoods new life, painters giving every square inch of the interior a fresh coat, and some indoor/outdoor striped Ikea fabric... we were feeling really good about this temporary solution for this space. It was still very closed off from the rest of the first floor, although it was the perfect quaint spot for sit-down meals.

We knew down the line we were going to dig a little deeper and open up the first floor, so we didn't extend ourselves too much with this space right off the bat.  Our temporary solution got us by for a few years before we opened the room up and gutted a good portion of our first floor. 


Our renovation opened this dining space up to the foyer and kitchen, which made sense for our growing family, but didn't make complete sense with the style of the house.  In order to retain some of the definition between rooms, we transitioned the flooring, kept the headers (only one was structural), and added glass base cabinetry between the dining room and kitchen.  The glass cabinetry brings light through the now-open areas, while providing the benefit of extra serving and storage space for the kitchen.  We immediately started using the dining room more frequently in the newly renovated layout, which only lasted so long before MMDH was born. 

Little did we know that this room would find a whole new life as my office within the following two years.  When I left my corporate interiors job to start MMDH out of my house, the dining room was the only place that really made sense for me to work from.  It is on the main floor, which makes me feel like I am part of the action while working extended hours on this start-up.  It is just off of our front entry, so I can easily accept deliveries and guests or clients when they come by.  


This is the room that has evolved more than any other in our house over the past 5 years, and I love that it has such an exciting story to tell as the MMDH HQ.  I can't thank you enough for reading about the transformation of this space.  I am so excited to share more about our renovations and all else going on over here at MMDH.  Please comment below with design tips, stories, and behind the scenes (BTS) details you would love to hear more about.  I look forward to getting to know you through these posts. 


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