MMDH: Design Tips for Adding Color


To me, adding color to your home is crucial.  It is no secret that MMDH thrives on color and the positive vibes that come along with it.  Colorful accents throughout a house add layers of character and happiness.  Incorporating color can be a bit daunting for people, but there are so many ways of adding bold color to a space, without committing to it for a lifetime. 


When we renovated our house, it surprised me at how little color we added to the walls and architectural finishes of the house.  We kept the base of our design as neutral as it really could be, which has given us the perfect backdrop for all of my collections, and it also provides endless possibilities of adding in pops of fresh hues throughout.  

You can see in this imagery that having a neutral backdrop doesn't mean that you can't have a vibrant home.  Look at the photos above again and remove the bold colored books, toys, pillows, and coasters, and you have a pretty neutral backdrop of grays, whites, and natural wood tones.  


An eclectic and energetic vibe is inherent to any home when you bring colors in that make you happy.  Keep the shapes of objects simple... the less ornate detail, the better, when it comes to adding bold accents.  Mix super vibrant treasures with more subdued color accents.  Think full color spectrum, from the most saturated warm tones to the most subtle cool tones.  HAVE FUN... there is zero reason to be scared of color!  It will be the best thing that has happened to you in a long time.  


While you're at it... throw in a few black and white stripes for good measure :) 


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