Before & After: Back to Back Bathrooms

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This dual bathroom renovation for a MMDH client and friend, started out as a fairly quick refresh project to update their two second floor bathrooms with new fixtures and finishes. That was until I toured through the spaces and realized how much excess square footage the hall bath had that the adjacent master bath was lacking. We had the perfect opportunity to shift the wall between the two rooms and still feel like we were gaining something in both spaces. The only downfall was that the wall we were shifting was one of the plumbing walls, and therefore nearly all plumbing fixtures would need to be relocated.

BEFORE: Hall Bath


The hall bath originally housed a small linen closet, stand-up shower, full sized bathtub, walled off toilet, and double vanity. By shifting the shared wall into this room, we needed to remove the stand-up shower (not a loss for the client), shift the full sized tub location, and move the toilet from its current location behind a half wall to the opposite corner of the bathroom. All worth the investment for the client, in order to gain much desired space in the master bath.

BEFORE: Master Bath


The master bathroom was functional with a standard layout of a small tub/shower, single sink, and toilet. The goal was to get a decent sized glass shower in the space. We phased the project, so only one bathroom was out of commission at a time. The results of this 18” wall shift retained a more than gracious hall bath and gave the master bath the breathing room it deserved. The results have created a world of change. Both bathrooms feel like they have gained square footage and are nearly unrecognizable after the refresh they were due for… don’t let me be the judge - comment below with what YOU think of the update.

AFTER: Hall Bath


AFTER: Master Bath


The key to a successful renovation is to think through the full potential of the space. Gaining efficiencies within your existing square footage makes any renovation hugely worthwhile. Always take the time to question an existing layout, and fully understand what you are trying to accomplish with your investment.


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